'The Ultimate Club Kitbag'

People In Your Club

Volunteer Selection

To be successful as a club, it’s important to get the right people in the right roles.

So take time to suss out the skills of any potential new recruit before you decide how they can lend a hand. And remember, it’s not just about skills, personality is just as important for some roles.  You will also need to work out how much time you would like them to give too.

There may even be occasions where you might need to politely decline a person’s offer of volunteering if they are not right for your club. After all, a bad appointment might have repercussions for both the club and the individual.

To help you, we’ve put together our top tips so you can put your volunteers in the right roles:

  • Set up an informal meeting and ask volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Application form so that potential recruits can highlight skills, availability and what they hope to gain from volunteering. There’s a template form you can use here
  • Be upfront about what the club expects from its volunteers and provide a copy of the club guidelines
  • Highlight what the club can do for them – for example, training, qualifications, incentives and rewards
  • Be honest and fair throughout the process making sure you let the volunteer know which checks you are going to carry out
  • Don’t acquire any more information than you need to know
  • Be consistent. Check every volunteer in the same way, even if you already know him/her
  • Store all confidential information securely. Only allow access to those that really need to see it

It’s worth you taking a look at our Recruiting information where you will find more guidance.