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Volunteer Coordinator Help Sheet

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Volunteer Coordinator.  This is an important and exciting role within any club and plays a key part in ensuring the club operates successfully.


With any new role, people are sometime uncertain what they should do first, so we’ve pulled together some suggestions to get you started.  This is not a definitive list, it’s not in any particular order and the ideas don’t all have to be done at the same time!!

Is there a list of all the people who volunteer at the club and in what role?

Do you have contact details for all the volunteers at the club?

If yes, is it up to date?

Does it include e-mail and mobile numbers and how people like to be contacted?

Let people know you exist, that you’ve taken on the role and what it involves

Find out what information existing volunteers would have found useful when they started and consider pull this information into an ‘Induction Pack’ for new volunteers

Find out what people do for an occupation or any particular skills they may have that way you’ll have a better idea of how they could help the club. (One way of doing this is via the membership form).

Find out people’s availability to volunteer and perhaps what’s stopping them from volunteering (It could be they’ve never been asked!)

Find out if other clubs in your sport or locality have a Volunteer Coordinator and find out if they’ve got any advice for you

Ask existing volunteers what would make their role more enjoyable or what would assist them

Are there any awards that club members can be nominated for? (This raises the profile of the club)

What tasks need to be done to help the club operate, this will give you an idea of how many volunteers you need.

Does the club hold social events? This is a great way of people getting to know each other and feeling part of the club. (It doesn’t have to be you that organises it, there maybe someone in the club that likes doing this)