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Where to recruit young volunteers from

Young sports volunteers can be recruited from schools, colleges, universities and community clubs and organisations to fulfil these volunteer roles so make sure you raise awareness of opportunities where young people will see them. When recruiting young people to volunteer please ensure your application process is inclusive and reflects the local community so that everybody has the opportunity to get involved in their young sports volunteer journey.


Top Tips for inclusive recruitment

To ensure your recruitment of Young Sports Volunteers is inclusive, here are some useful tips:

  • All roles are advertised as widely as possible and are written to attract diversity.
  • All Job Descriptions have a clear role for advancing equality of opportunity.                        
  • Person specifications require the young person to understand the importance of equality and the challenges for sport and physical activity.
  • Maybe it’s not the most sporty pupil or the A grade students who would make the best Young Sports Volunteers, so consider the individuals who best represent the diversity in your school or community.


An example application form template for the Young Ambassadors can be found under resources online. This can easily be adapted to recruit other Young Sports

 The Wales Council for Voluntary Action has a really useful information sheet on how to recruit, select and induct volunteers

 Check out the Recruiting People page on the Club Solutions website.