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insport Club

The insport Club programme is part of the broader insport project, which aims to support the physical activity, sport, and leisure sectors delivering inclusively of disabled people.  Disability Sport Wales know that the majority of adults get to experience great quality sport opportunity within a club environment, and that disabled people may not want to just play sport within a disability sport or impairment specific club or session.  The purpose for insport Club is therefore to support clubs in developing their provision so that it includes disabled people with clubs structures which provide the best opportunities to the community, increase participation and membership, enable larger sections of the community to become involved within a voluntary governance role, and continue to provide great sport across Wales.

DSW have therefore developed a Toolkit which is intended to support the development of inclusive thinking, planning, development and delivery by the club so that ultimately, they could deliver across the spectrum to disabled and non-disabled people, potentially in a range of different formats.  This toolkit is about good practice across the board, and in doing this will mean that opportunities for involvement in the sport(s) the clubs offer will increase.

As with the other insport programmes, when the club get involved with insport Club they will be assigned a Case Officer, who will support them through the journey. The programme consists of 4 incremental standards: 

A series of aims have been identified against each of these. At Gold standard only a group of representatives of the club will be invited in to present their journey so far to an independent panel (which will include DSW, Sport Wales and other individuals involved with sport). The club demonstrate the support for each aim by uploading relevant documents and information to a bespoke portal , and the content of the presentation then serves to illustrate the extent to which philosophies of inclusion have been embedded throughout the organisation, the difference that working towards inclusion has made to them, and to let those involved with sport nationally know what great ideas and practices they have around inclusion.

At each standard the insport Club logos will be provided to the club for use on their marketing and communications, and they will be promoted through the DSW website as well.  It will mean that if disabled people are looking for a club within their local area, they will know which clubs are better suited to their needs or desire for sport involvement.  In some local authorities having achieved one of the insport Club standards will be beneficial in applying for Community Chest and other local grants.


Downloadable guidance documents and templates to help your club work towards insport can be found here:


To begin work towards the insport Club aims, please get in touch:


Overview of the Toyota Parasport Fund in Wales

We want everyone to discover the benefits of a more active lifestyle - meeting friends, building confidence and becoming more physically fit, whilst supporting mental wellbeing.

Toyota are working in partnership with ParalympicsGB to support the development of the inclusive sports clubs across the UK.  In Wales, in partnership with Disability Sport Wales and Sport Wales, Toyota are providing resources for clubs working towards one of the standards of insport Club to access FREE inclusive education and training.  This collaborative approach ensures that clubs volunteers across Wales are supported to thrive and to keep developing their inclusive offer to disabled children, young people and adults.


The application of the Toyota Parasport Fund in Wales will focus on the provision of free to access workshops across Wales. These workshops have been selected to complement the insport Club programme and ensure clubs in Wales are best supported to deliver quality inclusive opportunities across Wales. These will include;

  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • Autism Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Adults at Risk Training

All these are available to clubs engaged within the insport Club programme. For further information on how to access the additional support available to develop the inclusivity of your club please get in touch through the contact form here:


For further information regarding the courses available within your area please use the Club Solutions Training and Events Calendar: