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Governance and Leadership Framework

The sport and recreation sector in Wales has drawn up a Governance and Leadership Framework.

It is designed to raise the bar when it comes to governance and leadership in sport. After all, if Wales is to be a nation of champions where every child is hooked on sport for life, we all need to up our game.

We’ve also listed below some of the behaviours that might be helpful for your committee members. Try reviewing these once a year and check how much progress you have made?

If you have any questions, your National Governing Body will be able to help.




Effective Behaviours


Ineffective Behaviours


Integrity: Acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area

I declare any conflicts of interest – and behave in a visibly impartial manner on issues relating to my own personal/professional matters.


I always use appropriate and respectful language and behaviour.


I publically support group decisions by the board, even if my personal opinion is different.


I ensure that I am up-to-date with the organisation’s risk register and am proactive in anticipating any potential threats to the organisation.



Become inflexibly caught up in promoting my own views.


Gossip or act with bias or prejudice towards others.


Use offensive or discriminatory language or behaviour.


Keep quiet if I have concerns about the organisation.


Publically disagree with decisions that the board takes as a group, even if I have a different personal view.


Defining and evaluating the role of your board

I ensure I participate in a comprehensive induction process to learn about the organisation, its staff and stakeholders and my role as a director.


I show interest in the backgrounds & skills of my board colleagues, and consider how we can each contribute effectively.

Resist change or new ways of doing things.


Fail to deliver on my commitments as a board member.





Setting vision, mission and purpose

I actively encourage and participate in long-term strategy planning and ensure this includes discussion and agreement on succession planning for directors and senior executives.


I identify new and innovative partnerships.


I ensure our Key Performance Indicators are measurable and will lead to sustainable success.


I encourage the empowerment of the CEO/ staff to deliver the agreed plans; and encourage celebration of achievements.

Get bogged down in discussing operational detail.


Get defensive when my views are not shared by others.


Try to reopen agreed decisions.


Objectivity: Balanced, inclusive and skilled boar

I consider the composition of the board when discussing committee membership or appointing new board members.


I ask questions to understand data and others’ perspectives; and to get to the heart of issues and opportunities.

Dominate board meetings with my views.


Allow disagreements or conflicts with others to go unresolved.


Standards, systems and controls

I take a firm position in protecting the principles of good governance agreed in our organisation.


I take time to study our board papers and any additional organisational data, KPIs and targets, to understand our progress, performance and challenges as an organisation.


I encourage the board members to work efficiently and to conclude discussions with clear actions, ownership and follow up mechanisms.


I encourage opportunities in which we can acknowledge and celebrate progress and successes.

Turn up unprepared for board meetings.


Keep quiet if I have concerns about the organisation.


Accountability and transparency

I act impartially and in the best interests of the organisation.


I respect and support peoples’ differing communication preferences.


I behave in a professional way that promotes trust and openness between the board and executive.


I raise difficult issues through a brave and respectful style of dialogue.

Dominate board meetings with my views.


Dismiss the views of others.


Understanding and engaging with the sporting landscape

I think about emerging trends, future legislation & policy, and sporting developments in order to contribute ideas to strategic discussions.


I ensure we look at issues and opportunities from a number of angles and debate alternative strategies.


I take an active part in effectively engaging and networking with our key stakeholders.

Get inflexibly caught up in promoting my own views.


Get defensive when my views are not shared by others.


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