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Funding Your Sports Club

Setting up a new team and need kit? Coaches and officials require training and qualifications? In need of floodlights or pitch development?

If you need sports funding, there are plenty of grants and loans available which can potentially support your club. Whether yours is a small sports club or a larger entity, you’ll find that the job is simply finding and applying for sports funding grants that suit your needs.

What is a Sports Grant?

A sports grant is a sum of money awarded to a club by an organisation, such as the UK government, that you don’t have to pay back. This is usually given with strict instructions for use, in order to assist with the development of a club and its public offering.

What is a Club Loan?

Unlike a grant, a loan is a sum of money given to a club by a bank or building society, which will need to be paid back over a set term.

It is important to note, this loan will incur interest overtime, therefore you may end up paying back more than you initially borrowed.

Did you know?

When you're applying for Sport Wales' Community Chest grant or a Development Grant, the money you receive is actually coming from the National Lottery Good Causes programme.  So, whenever you play the lottery, a proportion of the money is allocated to Sport Wales to distribute to clubs in the community.

To show your appreciation to the Lottery players, why not give them a simple 'thanks' for helping you get that new kit, new equipment, or that Coaching course.

Here are a few handy pictures that will help you make that 'thank you' extra special.




How to Find and Apply for Sports Funding for Your Club

We’ve already done the homework so you don’t have to... We've trawled the web to find grants and loans that are relevant to sports clubs in Wales. Click the boxes below to see the full list.

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