'The Ultimate Club Kitbag'

Club Finances


Budgets and balance sheets? Check.

Tax returns? Check.

Examples of financial procedures? Check.

You’ll get that and a whole lot more here in our Club Finances section.

It can be really annoying to go here, there and everywhere scouring websites to find out everything you need to know, so we’ve put it all here in one place.

Throughout this section, you’ll see we recommend putting simple processes in place. Why? Because managing finances can be challenging for any club. Following our guidance will help you review your financial information and help you understand your club’s financial position and commitments at any point in time.

Further Information

Can’t find what you’re looking for? The Welsh Sports Association has recently launched an exclusive helpline service for its members and associate members.

Sports NGBs, clubs and associated charities can now seek information and advice on a range of core business activities such as governance, insurance and risk management.

For more information visit:

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