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Case Study 2

Case Study - Reshma Rajeev




Reshma is a 15 year old Platinum Young Ambassador from Cardiff and currently sits on the National Young Ambassador Steering Group. Over the last 12 months she has been apart of the Welsh National Leadership Academy which takes groups of young people on 3 residential weekends across Wales to develop their leadership, facilitation and presentation skills along with providing them with the empowerment to go on and achieve a desired aspiration and make a difference in their school/community.


Coaching Case Study

Reshma is a student at Cathays High School, Cardiff and currently coaches lunch time tag rugby sessions in the school. One school day Reshma and couple of her friends identified that pupils haven't got a lot to do during lunch breaks because there is not enough teacher support to run lunch time clubs. So along with a few other students, Reshma got support from a couple of the teachers to run touch rugby sessions during the lunch break. At the start it was just a bit of fun and games but after few weeks the participants started to show an interest in improving their rugby abilities so she is now able to create games that help develop rugby specific skills. Due to the amount of commitment Reshma puts into these tag rugby session she finds that she mainly spends the lunch time breaks with the year seven kids, playing touch rugby with them, helping improve their skills and encouraging more pupils to join their team.