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Welsh Language is Alive and Kicking, Swimming, Running, Dancing and Cycling

Welsh sports clubs do so much to promote and use the Welsh language in their club and in their community. We asked sports clubs for examples of how they do it to help other clubs do the same.

Segontium Judo

The club was set up by Norman Hughes when his daughter Hannah, who also coaches at the club, competed for Wales and Britain and wanted other children in North Wales to have the same opportunities in Judo. Being fluent Welsh speakers in Gwynedd the club has always and still are proud of being able to provide a bilingual service by coaching through the medium of Welsh, English and Japanese.

Rubicon Dance Club

“We use Welsh regularly within our organisation to promote our activities. All members of staff at Rubicon are currently using online Welsh training in order to improve staff's Welsh skills. Dance leaders are also receiving one to one welsh training in order to provide them with assistance in incorporating welsh into their dance sessions, particularly in schools. Rubicon has developed becoming bilingual through later stages as the organisation has expanded. We would advise other clubs to use online Welsh training programmes and applications as much as possible as they affordable and easily accessible, also to not be afraid to ask for help from fluent Welsh speakers.”

Bangor Swimming Club

“The club operates bilingually, and this is facilitated by the fact that many of the club's committee members are bilingual. Our system of communication with parents is bilingual and we ensure that all our policies and materials are available in Welsh as well as in English. The coaches' linguistic ability is mixed but everyone has a positive attitude towards the Welsh language, and we encourage them to use as many Welsh terms as possible, especially with the younger squads. Most of the children attend Welsh-medium schools and therefore operating bilingually is essential but natural to us as a club.”

Ammanford Triathlon and Cycling Club

“There are a variety of people joining the club - girls and boys from all walks of life. We insist that the club is for everyone - no matter what experience or level of fitness - forward together is the ethos. Since the club was set up in Ammanford, many us speak Welsh together anyway, so it is natural that some sessions are held through the medium of the Welsh language. As you can see through our social media accounts, we often use the Welsh language. As a club for the community, it’s important to appeal to everyone and communicating through the Welsh language helps us do that.”

Bala Football Club

“At Bala FC we try to use the language as much as we can through the website and social media as well as the game day program and posters around town. Arwel Lloyd Jones, the announcer on game day, also makes his announcements in Welsh because the language is so important to the club and the community in Bala.”



Are you up for using more Welsh in club sessions?

If you'd like some ideas on how to use welsh at your club, we've got a whole host of ideas on our website to help you get started. You can also access a practical pack called #amdani created especially for sports clubs and associations.





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