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Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors



The Young Ambassador programme aims to empower and inspire young people to become leaders through sport and to help encourage their friends to become hooked on sport and physical activity for life.

The Young Ambassador Journey

Whilst we recognise that there will be differences in the Young Ambassador journey across Wales to meet local need, this is guidance on what a typical Young Ambassador journey could look like to help with your planning. We have structured the programme so it is based on a stage not age approach:

  • Bronze Young Ambassadors – At least 2 young people per academic year in Years 5 and 6 in Primary School.
  • Bronze+ Young Ambassadors – Transition from Primary School to Years 7 and 8 in Secondary School.
  • Silver Young Ambassadors – At least 2 young people per academic year in Years 9 - 11 in secondary school.
  • Gold Young Ambassadors – Traditionally Years 10, 11, 12, 13 or College age and have a county/regional remit (numbers depend on local requirements).
  • Platinum Young Ambassadors – Years 10+ with at least 1 years YA experience in school, college, university or volunteering in the community
  • Further Education Young Ambassadors - Designed with Colegau Cymru to support Young Ambassadors within Colleges in Wales who have a specific role of supporting and developing sport within their own college.
  • Higher Education Young Ambassadors - Driven by Young Ambassadors within Universities in Wales who take complete ownership of their role, organising meetings and delivering their own interventions.

For more information on the Young Ambassador programme, please download the Young Ambassador Information booklet or alternatively visit the Young Ambassador website. 


National Leadership Academy for Young Ambassadors 2021/22

Applications open on Tuesday 27th July 2021, for more information on this opportunity please check out the document below:

An introduction to the 2021/22 National Leadership Academy for Young Ambassadors


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