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People In Your Club

Young Volunteers

Young people are the future of your club and not just as players.  They can make a huge contribution by being given the opportunity to volunteer.

Benefits for a club and committee include:

  • energy, inspiration and enthusiasm
  • different skills to some older volunteers
  • new ideas
  • sustainability of the club or committee
  • attracting younger people into the organisation
  • increase in the number of volunteers for the club

Take the time to understand why a young person wishes to volunteer. That way, you can ensure they can make the most of any opportunity. If it’s to meet new people, for example, offer them a role that involves speaking to others regularly. Here are some of the other reasons young people want to get involved:

  • an opportunity to have fun outside of school
  • qualifications and other educational factors
  • a chance to learn new skills and to gain experience from other volunteers
  • enhanced employability and impressive addition to CV
  • a sense of pride and satisfaction
  • an opportunity to give something back to the community and sport
  • an increase in confidence
  • an environment in which to meet new people and make new friends

How do I recruit young volunteers?

Start forming strong partnerships with local educational institutions and your local sport development team in your area and let them know if you have opportunities for young volunteers at your club.

Many schools, colleges and local authority sport development teams organise leadership training for young people to learn and develop new skills.  Once trained, they are looking for school and community opportunities so that young volunteers can develop the skills they have gained and to build up experience.

Young people in your club may be already be involved in leadership programmes and are looking to develop their skills or complete volunteer hours, so it is worth asking them what they are up to as they could help your club. 

Rewarding your Young Volunteers

We know that recognising your volunteers is important and one way to do that is to encourage your younger volunteers aged 14-25 to sign up to Millennium Volunteers Sport Awards.  If they complete 50 hours of volunteering in sport in school, community or your club, they will achieve the MV50 Sport Award which will impress future employers and add weight to University applications.

By helping people to gain these awards, you increase your chances of retaining their support in the long term.

Take a look at our Leaders page to find out more about the opportunities available.


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