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Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are a huge part of any club so it’s a really good idea to appoint a Volunteer Coordinator.

On this page you can find out what the role involves and how it can benefit your club. On top of that, find out what support is available to all Volunteer Coordinators across Wales and how you can become part of an exciting, new network…

What is a Volunteer Coordinator?

The Volunteer Coordinator is a key role at any sports club. This person has specific responsibility for supporting the voluntary workforce.

The role includes:

  • coordinating recruitment
  • training and opportunities for volunteers
  • deployment (or, in other words, assigning responsibilities to volunteers) and making sure everyone is clear about what they’re being asked to do
  • acting as a main point of contact for volunteers
  • making sure that no volunteers are taking on too much and are feeling burdened
  • making sure that volunteers feel positive about their volunteering experience

For a full role description, please click here.

What are the benefits of having a Volunteer Coordinator?

There are many reasons why a club should appoint a Volunteer Coordinator. A Volunteer Coordinator can make sure that:

  • volunteers feel valued, rewarded and appreciated
  • volunteers are provided with the support they need, and are encouraged to develop via training opportunities
  • there is a coordinated approach to recruitment and retention
  • club and National Governing Body information is communicated
  • new approaches to recruitment are explored
  • skills are matched to appropriate roles
  • the club plans ahead to see which roles may become vacant in the future

Is there any support available?

Yes! Sport Wales, together with the National Governing Bodies for sport, would like to build up a network of Volunteer Coordinators. 

So please get in touch with your National Governing Body so that you can start receiving support and guidance including a free resource pack which is full of help and ideas (coming soon). On top of that, you’ll be kept up to date on all the latest news to assist you in your role.

Informal, fun workshops are planned to help those that are new to the Volunteer Coordinator role. Keep your eyes peeled on our online calendar for updates.  To kick things off, download our Volunteer Coordinator Role Description.