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Club Facilities

Looking for a facility? 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a facility.

Here are 12 questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line:

  1. Ask local schools, churches, community centres if you can hire space? Or ask the local council about playing fields or parks? Universities, colleges and larger community clubs may be able to help too
  2. The Welsh Government Property Database provides information on office accommodation, industrial or warehouse space and commercial land 
  3. Is the facility the right size? Remember, there are recommended specifications for different sports and age groups. It’s worth checking with your National Governing Body for relevant sizes but as a guide Sport England have a comparative size checklist for pitches and courts you could refer to
  4. How much can you spend? You’ll need to generate enough income to cover the cost – so check you’re being realistic
  5. Location, location, location – are you too close to another club providing the same opportunities? Is it easy to get to on foot, by public transport or in the car? 
  6. Accessibility – is it suitable for disabled people? Does it have separate male and female changing facilities? Family changing rooms can also make attending your club easier for young families. Do you need to consider a prayer room? Check it meets the needs of your members and potential members.
  7. Does it have safe and secure storage for equipment?
  8. Do you have adequate insurance? Affiliation to a National Governing Body sometimes covers this, but you should always check
  9. Maintenance – check what the terms of use are. Are you obliged to do anything?
  10. Leases – this is a legal agreement that guarantees security of tenure on land or a building for an agreed period of time. Is the lease appropriate and fair? For guidance, head to The Ethical Property Foundation who offer online, jargon-free guidance on buying, renting, leasing and managing property
  11. VAT – it is advisable to consult professional advisers in order to maximise recovery. Do check out the WCVA’s  useful guidance on managing money and tax
  12. If you are looking for somewhere that you have control over, does the facility lend itself to hiring out to local community groups or for parties, meetings, conferences or weddings? 

Neath Afan Gymnastics Club Wales New Facility

After a real team effort, a new gymnastics facility in Neath is already making a big difference in the community.