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Managing Your Sports Club


A strong club structure comes from the top, so let Club Solutions teach you how to put successful management processes in place and plan ahead to make your club the best it can be.

Putting solid club structures and processes in place, being accountable and planning ahead are all part of running a sports club. Another word for this is governance – which basically means the system by which your club or organisation is controlled.

This may all seem a little baffling to start, but this section will help guide you – one step at a time!



It’s time to start planning! Writing a strategic, business and operational plan for a sports club is extremely important because, as the old saying goes: ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’.

If you want your club to be a success, then now is the time to plan ahead for the future. From outlining goals and objectives for future development to ensuring resources are used properly, planning is a great way to review current operations and identify what needs to be improved – by doing this, you’ll be able to see your progress. 

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Club Development Plan

Put stepping stones in place for the progression of your sports club.

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Business Planning

Take one step further beyond a development plan with a business strategy.

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Ensure your club operates to set standards with accreditation.

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Build partnerships to help your club develop and prosper.

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Service Level Agreements

Clearly outline roles and responsibilities of those in your club.

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Further Information

Can’t find what you’re looking for? The Welsh Sports Association has recently launched an exclusive helpline service for its members and associate members.

Sports NGBs, clubs and associated charities can now seek information and advice on a range of core business activities such as governance, insurance and risk management.

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