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Hiring Out Space

Hiring out your space

Clubs need to be creative in getting money in through the door. Your facility is an asset that you can hire out to raise income for your club. Think about when your club has gone home and your space is left empty – could it be used by others?

The ongoing challenge of fundraising can seem never ending. Increasing the use of your building or land can help secure your future by providing additional services to the community and by generating an income.

It might make the perfect space for a business meeting or children’s birthday party? Is it big enough for a wedding? Could you hire it out to other community groups – playgroups, other sports clubs or Women's Institute? It could be a new venue for local evening classes, ballet lessons, Pilates or yoga?

If you have a gym, could you establish a gym-only membership fee? Could a golf course set aside parts of its course for the local preschool’s Forest School or a nature trail?

Do you need to improve your bar so that you can hire it out for quiz nights and parties?

Put together a plan

There can be tensions caused by sharing the same space for club use and community use. The key is to have a clear vision that you can communicate to your members.

How can we spread the word?

You could organise an open day, inviting local groups, schools, keep fit instructors and anyone else you can think of that would like to use facilities locally. Serve refreshments and offer tours, making sure you’ve got plenty of people on hand who know the building well and can talk confidently about how it could be used.

Make sure you’re listed on online listings for local venues. Make people aware on your website and social media that your facilities are available for hire. If you have plenty of people passing your building, have a banner printed.

Booking agreements

Booking agreements are important because both parties will need the conditions of hire set out. This should be agreed and signed. In drawing up an agreement, seek legal guidance. After all, it is a legal contract.

When you enter into legal agreements, you need to ensure that your legal status as a club allows you to do this. We have more information here (managing your club/ legal status).

Health and Safety

Whether you’ve been hired by a toddler group or the local Women's Institute, you need to make sure the premises are safe for the intended use. Take a look at our health and safety pages.


Check whether your insurance policy covers outside groups hiring your facilities. You need to obtain written confirmation from any hirers that they have public liability to cover their activities while the club premises are being hired.

If the club facilities are being used by a private individual for a party, they should check with their household insurers that public liability cover would extend to include the organising of such an event. 

 As always, always seek expert guidance.


Any groups hiring your facilities should also provide written confirmation that it has a child protection and adults at risk policy and that it uses the Disclosure and Barring Service. We have more information in our Safeguarding section.