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How Your Club Can Become a Hub for Your Community -1

Time: 10.00

Venue: Webinar

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Great sports community sports clubs work for and with their communities, and as a consequence, both parties benefit. They are in reality Hubs for their Communities. They link up their assets, skills and relationships with people, groups and institutions in their communities. They create Shared Value – a new kind of partnership, in which both the club and the community contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other. This webinar will help you to become well connected to your community and find a common purpose between your partners and yourself. You will be given advice on the best ways to work together, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so. It will also cover how you can best assess your potential for working with community partners – what are your assets, relationships and skills? A key strand of this guide is the 12 Steps for Creating Shared Value With Your Community, which they then can implement straight away.

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