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Managing Your Club

Data Protection

Managing risk is not just about health and safety and insurance. It’s about data protection too.

Your club has a responsibility to protect any personal information it holds.  Data protection legislation covers everyone about whom you keep personal data. This includes employees, volunteers, service users and funders.

The legislation:

  • Requires organisations to register if they keep records
  • Governs the processing of personal data including personal sensitive data
  • Requires organisations to comply with eight principles
  • Allows employees to request to see the personal data held on them.

Here is an example of a Data Protection Policy.  This is the ASA’s policy so remember it's just an example for guidance. It is important that you tailor any example or template policy to meet the needs of your club or organisation.

Obligations will change with a new law coming into effect in May 2018. The WSA have details on their website and will be running courses on demand via Geldards – see the website below:

Further Information