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Club Handbook

Have you thought about putting together a club handbook for your members? Don’t be fooled by the name, this doesn’t have to be a heavy, old fashioned spiral bound large book!

A club handbook sets out the culture of your club, the way you do things and expectations on all the members as well as useful contact numbers.

But this type of information can easily sit on your website, your Facebook page or even a noticeboard.

Your handbook might also include:

  • Information on the way you expect members and participants to behave and represent your club
  • Volunteer vacancies
  • How you fund activities
  • How you are developing your business links.
  • Venue and pitch hire details
  • How you link with the community
  • How the club can reward and develop its volunteers

It doesn’t have to be complicated or a big piece of work. Take a look at this example:

Leeds Gymnastics Club Member Handbook