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The Best Social Media Marketing Ideas for Sports Clubs

In our modern world, it is likely that you have at least one personal social media account. However, have you ever considered setting up accounts for your sports club?

Whether you’d like to raise awareness of your organisation to recruit new members and secure support, or to create a community for your members that stretches beyond training sessions and matches, an effective social media strategy could help.

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Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Sports Club?

When budgets are tight, social media offers an effective way of raising awareness and promoting your organisation for free. It’s estimated that there are now 45m social media users in the UK who have on average 7.1 social media accounts each, so getting involved can vastly expand your reach and help you become part of a wider community.


What Social Media Channels Should Your Club Use?

Which social media channel you choose to adopt will greatly depend on your goals for wanting to engage.

Twitter is great for short and simple updates that are easily digestible and sharing links to further information should followers want to read it. Therefore, it is ideal for club announcements such as changes to training dates or reminding club members of match timings.

Facebook is more effective if you’d like to create a closed group to safeguard club members online or for promoting your organisation via a fan page. Providing updates is just as easy as with Twitter, and there is extra functionality which allows you to send event invitations too.

LinkedIn is primarily a business networking platform, so we would advise avoiding this one.

However, last but not least, Instagram could be handy for sharing photos and videos from training, matches, and promotional events. You could even design your own hashtag and encourage members to use it to increase and monitor visibility. This may not be the best option for sharing timely company updates though.

Of course, you could set up accounts on multiple channels. A social scheduling tool will be able to help you share updates in a more effective way, if this is the case, as well as provide analytics to help your monitor your engagement and follower counts.


What Should You Post?

The world is your oyster when it comes to social media posts, however current and potential club members will most likely appreciate:

  • Team announcements
  • Event notifications
  • Game results and trophy wins
  • Training arrangements/cancellations
  • Support acknowledgements
  • Photos and videos from training or matches


How Do You Stay Safe Online?

For top tips on how to stay safe on social media, discover the dedicated section of our site.


Want to Learn More About Social Media for Sports Clubs?

For more information on how these channels can help your club, popular tools you can use, and social media content tips, discover our social media promotion page here on the Club Solutions website.

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