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Boost Your Sports Club Numbers with These 5 Membership Recruitment Ideas

Joining a club is a fun and rewarding activity. However, people won’t join if they don’t know your organisation exists, or if you have any spaces available. You need to shout it from the rooftops, but, sometimes, this is easier said than done.

So, if you’re looking for fresh inspiration for how to attract new members to your club, check out the below membership drive ideas.

1. Hold an Open Day

It sounds simple but holding a sporting event which showcases what your club can do and invites anyone to attend, watch and join in can do wonders for your membership numbers. Jam-pack the day with sporting events alongside drink and snack breaks and you’ll be seen as fun and inviting.

We’d recommend keeping a clipboard or a tablet in a visible place and encouraging people to sign-up to become a member, or at the very least join your email newsletter group.

However, remember, the important part is getting people to turn up in the first place. To do this, you may like to team an open day with one of the following membership recruitment ideas.

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2. Volunteer at an Event

 Whether it is packing bags at your local supermarket, washing cars or holding a charitable event, volunteering not only will help others, but will put your club’s name out there as a group of people who are both fun and kind.

Make sure to wear your kit or matching t-shirts with the club name on. Plus, flyers with information about the club and instructions on how people can sign-up are always good to have on hand.

3. Set Up Social Media Promotions

Most clubs now have some form of WhatsApp or Facebook group for members to communicate and share updates. For example, if a session is cancelled one week, or rearranged. However, an outward facing page may not have crossed your mind.

Setting up social accounts for your club is a free form of marketing, especially if you join in with group conversations. Also, if you wanted to put a small amount of money behind social ads, you could put a message of your choice in front of hundreds of potential club members and raise awareness considerably.

You could even create your own hashtag and encourage existing members to use it, and tag your club page, when sharing photos online.

4. Share Club Updates in the Local Press

Most villages, towns and cities in the UK now have a local newspaper or magazine, whether in print form or online, and getting a feature in these shouldn’t cost much. In fact, writers will include your story for free if they think it is good enough.

So, the next time your team wins a competition, a member places well at a tournament, or you’re having any form of event, reach out. You’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain.

5. Network with others in your area

Remember, you don't have to do things alone. Have you thought about attending your local sports awards to meet with other local clubs and community groups? There could be an opportunity to collaborate with them to help promote your club wider. 

You may also want to consider running a taster session at the local school to give children a chance to try out your sport in a less formal setting. Remember to take flyers with you so that pupils can take them home to their parents with details on how to join.  

Want More Membership Drive Ideas?

The points above are just a few ways you can raise awareness and increase membership of your club. If you would like more help recruiting people, we’re full of ideas. Get in touch to learn more.

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