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8 reasons to volunteer at your local sports club

Thinking of lending a hand at a local sports club? Here are 8 reasons why it’s a great idea to take up a sports volunteer job.

  1. You love sport.

Sport makes you happy, it’s what Saturdays were made for (and every other day of the week, for that matter). Whether you love playing it or watching it, sport is your thing. So, of course, what’s better than rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in at your local club


  1. To make new friends

Fed up of staying in and watching Netflix? Your new social life is just around the corner. Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded, local people. Clubs tend to attract people who want to belong to a team so we’re pretty sure you’ll be making friends in no time. Your club is your new crew.


  1. You got skillz! And they need sharing!

Let’s get one thing clear. Sports clubs don’t just need people with sports skills. Clubs are crying out for those of us who are super organised – got a head for figures? Used to form-filling and completing applications? A whizz at administration? Perhaps you’re a social media or marketing guru? Maybe you’re a brilliant people person? Maybe you love public speaking? These are all things that clubs need. 


  1. And you will learn so much

One of the many benefits of sports volunteering is learning something new. You may unearth hidden talents you were never even aware of. Or maybe you have skills you need to develop? Volunteering opportunities have even been known to lead on to job offers and career changes. Your experiences at your local club can often be a way of showcasing your talents in interviews, CVs and applications. Clubs will often pay for volunteers to go on courses or to achieve qualifications.


  1. You owe it to your kids

Your child’s local club is more than likely in need of an extra pair of hands to keep things running smoothly; they can only keep going if they have enough willing helpers. And volunteering in the club is a fantastic way of showing your support for their sporting endeavours. Consider it some extra bonding time!


  1. It’s good for you

If you’re struggling to feel fulfilled or are feeling lonely, we would strongly recommend sports volunteering. There’s evidence out there that shows people who volunteer have a greater sense of purpose and self-worth. Just think of it as the best medicine for your physical and emotional well-being.

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  1. You can encourage others to be more active

If you want to make a difference to your community, then helping people to be fit and active is an enormous contribution. Let’s face it, sport doesn’t just help to keep us physically healthy, it sends our endorphins soaring too. It makes us happy and positive so it wards off stress and can reduce anxiety.


  1. That warm, fuzzy feeling

Giving up some of your free time to do something worthwhile and give something back to your community is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s as simple as that.



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