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11 Top Tech Tools to Help Make Managing a Sports Club Easier

11 Top Tech Tools to Help Make Managing a Sports Club Easier.


Running a sports club and run off your feet? Ease the workload and make sure you have the best tech tools to do some of the hard work for you! Here are 11 of our favourites.




Clubetter boasts membership management software, all housed in an app, that aims to help you manage members, take online payments, keep secure contact records and so on. But the beauty of Clubetter for Welsh clubs is that it is fully bilingual. No reviews available yet but its bilingual ability means it is definitely worth a look!

It also houses online discussion boards which could be a great way to encourage members to come forward with their views and ideas.


Bank apps

Bank apps have made everyday banking so much easier. Check with your bank and find out if they offer an app for accounts held by clubs and societies. Of course, all the usual rules apply – you will still want to set delegated limits and ensure two signatures. Have a chat with your bank about what’s available and for up to date advice.



And while we’re talking all things finance, do your treasurer a favour and steer them towards a decent receipt keeping app. Expensify has great reviews and is a good way to keep your financial records in order without having to store away all those annoying scraps of paper. Just take a quick snap of your receipt with your smartphone and it automatically transcribes the details. Clever, eh?



Are you the sort of person who loves post-it notes, has a few notebooks on the go, uses your smartphone for note-taking and then forget where you put something? Step forward. Evernote scans and files away everything - typed notes, handwritten notes and even voice memos. You can add photos, web pages… you name it, you can store it here. It syncs to all devices and all your notes are searchable. You can also share and discuss your ideas or lists with others – meaning you can get everyone’s input into Saturday’s team selection while watching Match of the Day! Bliss.


Facebook page manager

If you are the admin for a Facebook page, then this free app is pretty handy. You can post updates, share photos and respond to people from your phone while you are on the go. You can also see which posts are most popular so you can tailor future activity accordingly.



Pitchero has a number of techy tools designed to make life easier. Its website builder provides you with everything you need to produce a “professional, responsive and flexible website”. Its Pitchero Manager app has good reviews but note that it is geared towards football, rugby, cricket or hockey teams. Like Clubetter, it offers team management software. It can help you to communicate with players, check availability for matches, select a team and publish online as well as post statistics and results to your website and social media feeds.



Ever find yourself writing a list only to then lose said list? Yeah, us too. Every week in Aldi. Until, that is, Todoist came along. It claims to “keep track of everything” which is a tall order. But it does allow you to create as many projects as you want, list your tasks and even set deadlines. There’s even colour coding available to satisfy your inner admin guru plus it syncs with all your devices. Nice!


Sport:80 Platform 

If your club is affiliated to one of the many National Governing Bodies (NGB) across Wales and England that uses the Sport:80 Platform, there’s a good chance that you can use it too, and at no cost. It allows you to manage affiliation to your NGB, create a club profile, track your members as well as coaches, officials and judges working with your club. You can even enter your members in NGB events. Hosting your own competitions? You can manage the entire registration process all from the app! Sport:80 is a partner of the Welsh Sports Association.


Social media apps

It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway) that social media apps make life so much easier. Snap a photo, shoot a quick video and post – all from your mini pocked size promotion kit. Yes, your smartphone. If you are managing a number of channels and you are finding updating all of them a bit of a drag, it can be really helpful! Set your ‘recipe’ so that Twitter automatically updates if you post on Instagram.



The VolHours app has been developed in partnership between Webfibre Ltd, People and Work and Sport Wales. Its aim? To do away with log books and excel spreadsheets. Hurrah for that! Volunteers can clock in and out which means that we can keep track of all the amazing volunteering being done in communities across Wales.  We would encourage you to take a look.


Welsh: Give it a go! 

Not an app, but an online module in which you will be introduced to all the benefits of using our mother tongue in your sports club. All based on real life examples, you will be armed with practical ideas on how to develop Welsh in your club and how you can use it in coaching sessions. It’s all based on real life examples too.

Please note that Club Solutions and Sport Wales cannot be responsible for third party websites, software or apps.


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